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    I’m not the only one who noticed the doll, right?

    I’m not the only one who noticed the doll, right?

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    if harry actually becomes a farmer im out

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    do you think they murmur ‘i love you’ and ‘i’m so proud of you’ to each other


    or do you think they don’t say anything at all just hold tight and breathe each other in because they /know/

    #I hate everyone I know on this website

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    Jace to Clary:"I know--I knew that Alec wasn't acting like himself, but all I could think about was you."
    me:"you little shit dick."
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Wembley Stadium, London - 7/06

    Wembley Stadium, London - 7/06

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    *the boys trying to rap*

    Zayn: “yo bitches they don’t know”


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    Niall taking group selfies

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